The idea for an airtight electrode storage cannister was conceived and developed here at K.I.W.O.T.O., Inc. in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Since production was started in 1981, we have achieved a great deal of success in the marketplace. Our product has gained us a reputation as a quality-oriented company. Response to our product has been no less than 100% positive.
We feel our entire product line has proven itself well in the welding industry. Furthur, we feel that our products would be a viable addition to your welding accessories line.
K.I.W.O.T.O., Inc. is still thriving after over 30 years of hard work and lots of dedication by everyone involved . . . and most importantly, caring about customers who helped us reach this point.
Beware of cheap imitations - INSIST on ROD GUARD® - And ask for it by name!